Saying goodbye to a dog is like saying goodbye to a member of the family. After filling our lives with their unique energy, love and loyalty, suddenly they can be taken from us and the loss is especially hard to bear.

One way of processing the grief that we feel is through remembrance. We might choose to frame a favourite photograph, lay ashes in a meaningful place or as TV presenter, Ben Fogle reveals, hang Christmas biscuits on the branches of a tree under which his own dogs’ ashes are scattered.

Whatever we do to remember our four-legged friends, the gesture is often deeply personal. It reflects the relationship we were lucky enough to share with our dog and the memories that were made together.

Our tribute page offers a way of honouring your dog’s life, by changing the fortunes of another one. Whether your gift contributes to the discovery of new treatments in canine medicine or veterinary fees for a dog who has been removed from an abusive home, it can bring hope and healing to another dog’s life.

For a gift of £100 or more, you’ll be invited to feature your loved one and a special message in Our Canine Companions Roll of Honour. Simply make your gift here using the ‘Donate’ button below and send your tribute message of not more than 30 words and picture of your dog to [email protected].

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