From improving lymphoma diagnosis to understanding sudden death syndrome, we fund science that aims to tackle some of the most pressing issues in canine medicine and create better outcomes for all dogs today, and in the future.

1 in 4 Dogs will get cancer in their lifetimes

Shocking statistics tell us that 25% of ALL dogs will get cancer in their lifetime, and 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will also be diagnosed.

Research into this devastating disease will help to turn the tide against canine cancer and result in happier, healthier lives for our four-legged best friends.

Unfortunately, research into canine cancer is severely underfunded but we have committed to ensuring this vital work continues to happen.

Only by working together, with the latest advancements in science, can we hope to see a future where our dogs are free from cancer.

How you can help beat cancer in dogs.

We are currently funding highly advanced scientific studies that will pave the way to treating, and finding a cure, for a wide variety of cancers in dogs.

These research projects are multi-year and only happen with the support of people like you, through fundraising or donating.

If you would like to help us beat cancer in dogs, then you can donate directly, or get in touch with to talk about fundraising.

You can fundraise in lots of ways, from taking part in events like the Bath Half Marathon, sharing your own Justgiving page to raise donations, or connecting us to your business to form a charity partnership.

Help us, to help them, and get in touch today to leave a lifetime of health and happiness for our beloved companions.

Can we find new ways to treat canine bone cancer?

One of the exciting projects we are funding is into bone cancer, of which has a incredibly high morbidity rate.

Dr Hannah Mallon BSc (Hins) BVetMed MRCVS talks in this webinar about the amazing research work she is doing to try and find ways to treat canine cancer in dogs.