Supporting Dogs with Jobs This Christmas

With photos of 14 different Dogs with Jobs shot by world-famous photographer RANKIN, the Saatchi Gallery is hosting for us a unique exhibition from 10th to 18th December to learn about some of the UK’s most inspiring service dogs.
The exhibition is free to enter, but if you enjoy it (which we are sure you will!), we’d so greatly appreciate a donation of whatever you can to support dogs with jobs across the UK.

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From medical and emotional support dogs who save our lives, to police-force Shibu's and Guide Dogs for the visually impaired, our dogs do everything for us to the very end.
It's time we did the same for them,
The amazing Therapy Husky, Thunder who provides end of life care to patients across the UK, is just one of these dogs featured in the exhibition, and you can help support others like him this Christmas.
If you love dogs as much as we do (and that's a LOT!), then we're sure you will love seeing our hero dogs' photos and their inspiring stories in-person.
We’d like to thank our partners, George & The Caring Family Foundation for sponsoring the exhibition this Christmas.

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