Student Award – Undergraduate Application Form

The Undergraduate Student Award will be awarded to an extraordinary student studying at a British Veterinary School, who has demonstrated the potential to significantly advance the frontiers of veterinary medicine and research to benefit the health and welfare of dogs. The prize fund of £5,000 is intended to aid further education costs, career development, and/or create or continue a research project. See Terms of Application at the bottom of this form.

Please enclose with this application a copy of your current CV and a supporting letter from your Referee. You will be asked to upload these below.

Completed applications are to be submitted by 28 February 2022.

Your details

Please tell us about yourself (please ensure you include a permanent postal address, not term time only):


Please provide details of your Referee who has provided a letter of support for your application (this will normally be your supervisor/tutor, Head of Department or Head of School)

CV & Reference Upload

Please provide your CV and reference letter below. They can be provided as either a Word Document or a PDF.

Declaration by Applicant

Before completing this section, please read the Notes for Applicants of the International Canine Health Award Student Inspiration Award and then confirm you have read and understood this below.

Terms of Application

  • Please be advised that successful candidates will be required to submit an article for publication in The Veterinary Journal following receipt of the Award.
  • Applicants must be within 5 years of the completion date of their first degree.
  • The winner will be asked to submit a report within 12 months after the funds have been given advising how the money has been used.